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Preventive maintenance as well as the ability to intervene very quickly in the event of breakdowns are part of the assets of a quality of service that meets the expectations and challenges of passengers. In addition to a highly selective and qualitative investment policy in vehicle purchases backed by extended manufacturer guarantees, the company has invested in two workshops, whose resources are pooled according to the type of intervention required. At the St Donat depot: an integrated preventive maintenance workshop. Equipped with complete and recent equipment, duly controlled and in compliance with regulations, it allows any intervention on engines, air conditioning, braking, electricity, electronics, safety, bodywork and painting….

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, AUTOCARS BERTOLAMI follows the Objectif CO2 programme designed and managed by ADEME. The latter is the only national system that offers companies a global and structured framework for reducing greenhouse gases and air pollutants in their transport activities.

In two stages, the approach followed and the efforts made by the entire company made it possible to obtain the Objective CO2 label in March 2018:


09/08/2018 - Par: Benjamin Beaudet