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Our autonomous, driverless and electric shuttles are engineered, developed and assembled in France by NAVYA.

berto is a 100% autonomous, driverless and electric shuttle. It has15 seats (11 seats and 4 standing) and can travel up to 25 km/h (15 mph). Its battery offers an average 9 hours drive.
A GNSS antenna allows communication between a GPS sensor and a fixed reference to accurately determine berto’s position at any time. Wheel sensors precisely measure the speed of the wheels for seamless control of the shuttle’s speed and confirm its position at all times.

On-board cameras detect and analyse any obstacles and evaluate the distance to the vehicle; they also analyse the environment in which berto evolves (lights, signs) for a safe navigation. Integrated lidar sensors realize 2D and 3D scanning, for a complete mapping of the surrounding. Digital screen, intercom system and 360 ° interior camera maintain communication with passengers; regarding the outside, pedestrians and other vehicles, communication will be done using information screens located at the front and back of the shuttle, as well as by sound and light signals.

Our driving and support team have been fully trained to maintain those vehicules.

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09/08/2018 - Par: Benjamin Beaudet